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Proactive Monitoring and Network wide Technical Support Service

An excellent choice for businesses with 50 to 600 network users and a limited IT staff, Cisco Smart Care Service is a comprehensive networkwide service delivered collaboratively by Cisco certified partners and Cisco. This innovative service combines networkwide technical support with ongoing network monitoring and proactive maintenance. By delivering a comprehensive approach to the care and continuous improvement of your network,

Cisco Smart Care Service helps you keep your network secure and running optimally.

Cisco Smart Care Service provides:

  • Peace of mind: Your Cisco certified partner, backed by powerful tools and in-depth training from Cisco, proactively verifies that your network is secure, reliable, and functioning optimally at all times.

  • Network visibility: Through a secure Web portal, you can view the status of your overall network health, security, and voice performance anywhere, anytime. Your Cisco certified partner maintains a clear, continuously updated picture of each device in your network to provide you with up-to-date status reports, identify potential problems, and make remote repairs such as correcting configuration errors and updating software.

  • Continuous improvement: Cisco certified partners can perform periodic assessments of your network health, availability, security, and performance to proactively identify potential issues and help ensure that all of your Cisco devices are configured optimally, according to Cisco best practices.

  • A simple, complete solution:CiscoSmartCareServiceprovidestechnicalsupport for your entire business network (including advanced security and IP voice solutions) with a single support contract. You receive expert technical support from your partner, ongoing operating system and application software updates, next-business-day hardware replacement, and direct access to a wealth of Cisco tools and resources.

  • Customized support and maintenance: Your Cisco certified partner will analyze the size and complexity of your business, your business needs, and your IT expertise, then recommend and deliver a level of service that is appropriate for your business. 

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